Breakup Mac & Cheese Recipe [Gluten Free]

I wrote a few days ago about cooking Mac and Cheese with my brother, who was going through a breakup. After a busy weekend of schoolwork, I’m finally getting around to sharing my recipe!

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Welcome Home

Why do we love cooking? It’s more than a mundane task necessary for survival. Cooking and food are deeply rooted in culture, family, and ritual. The act of eating food is one of the few things all humans share. How we prepare it, when we eat it, and why we eat it are questions that vary for everyone. Let’s learn more about ourselves and others by sharing recipes and stories.

“Preparing a dish or a meal is not merely an effort to satisfy physical hunger but often a quest for the good life.”  – Janet Theophano

The good life, to me, is a day spent clicking shutters and telling stories, then returning home to cook a meal.  Cooking is a religious experience for me; cooking heals me, cooking grounds me.  

The good life, to me, is also ensuring that the good life is available to others. Proceeds from this blog will go to organizations working tirelessly to create sustainable change to counteract the famine in Yemen.

So, welcome home.  Come in and pull up a chair.  Let’s share stories, recipes, and tips.  Let’s care for each other and work at spreading the good life. 

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